TRIBECA 1The styles are and probably will always be reincarnated. Rarely, we see something totally new and without any inspiration from the past. One of the main pleasures of creating an interior is exactly the curiosity to transform an old “look”, design of the past, into something new with his own identity, enriched with new design elements.

“Tribeca bar ” , which bears the name of a neighborhood in New York, is one of these projects. In a small corner of Tirana, with its industrial inspired style, “Tribeca bar” comes with a new look that makes it seem like it has always been there. The typical black facade , the chairs of the 20′ and sound of Jazz music in the background , lead you somewhere in the New York of the early twentieth century. Jazz music is often characterized by improvisation, and the “Tribeca bar” interior, inspired by this kind of music , has the same characteristic .

Besides the industrial approach that ” Tribeca bar ” has with the painted letters on the exposed, rough brick wall , the presence of iron and wood , the unfinished look of the ceiling , the exposed aspiration  ducts and electrical wires, the gray and black colors that achieve the old and dusty look , the presence of the famous ” Tulip” chair, which has been described as a classic of the industrial style which still carries some modern features. You can feel improvisation in mixing all the above elements with the framed white walls , the printed wall paper and wall appliqué that come with an almost classical style elegance, completely beyond the industrial style .
All these elements combined together enrich the overall design, and bring it out of the boundaries of a single style.