fusion1One of the most intriguing and at the same time difficult parts of an interior design, is adapting the new project ideas with the old, existing context of the interior. All interiors carry within them the energy that emanates from objects, shapes colors, materials, people who live it every day, it is this energy that transforms the interior by a group of lifeless objects into something alive almost like a living creature.

A successful project channels the old, interior energy into something new, not by eradicating it, but by transforming the old energy and making it a substantial part of its own. It is this process that has occurred in the creation of the “Fusion” interior.

The concept has its genesis by the name “Fusion”, which means melting different elements together and making them part of a whole. This fusion is realized by melting together the old, existing elements such as the building flooring , the counter shape , the spatial and functional organization of  the interior,  with new elements that are inspired by the forms and sensations that the building itself transmits , with its regular facade , with its oval forms and colors .

All these sensations are transformed by becoming wall decorations, a green division, furniture shapes, colors and textures. Located in a commercial center, including different functions within the same space such as a bar, club, lounge and restaurant, makes it difficult for “Fusion” to have an easily identifiable style, therefore it has a mix of different design elements which are combined in perfect harmony with each other. You can notice the industrial style influences in the dark, bold, colors, the presence of green , the presence of metallic elements, concrete and copper  textures, with the  presence of wood , as well as the visible ceiling aspiration and conditioning ducks.

All these elements are combined  with the minimalism of the restaurant and lounge area, which is easily distinguishable by the  forms of couches, the light colors , the simplicity of the columns décor and windows rollers. This fusion gives to the interior a whole new identity of its own that takes inspiration from the old, retains some of its elements and revitalizes it with new shapes, materials, colors, and textures ready to be lived.