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Artikull i publikuar ne revisten “Elegance” per projektin e “Business Lounge” ne aeroportin “Nene Tereza”. Me poshte mund te gjeni linkun per artikullin e shkeputur nga revista. Elegance_Nentor_interior

One of the most intriguing and at the same time difficult parts of an interior design, is adapting the new project ideas with the old, existing context of the interior. All interiors carry within them the energy that emanates from objects, shapes colors, materials, people who live it every day, it is this energy that […]

The styles are and probably will always be reincarnated. Rarely, we see something totally new and without any inspiration from the past. One of the main pleasures of creating an interior is exactly the curiosity to transform an old “look”, design of the past, into something new with his own identity, enriched with new design […]